PWDCA HLD Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What dogs can be entered into the database?
a. Only pure-bred Portuguese Water Dogs can be entered into the database.
Q. Can rescued Portuguese Water Dogs be entered?
a. Yes! We welcome rescued pure-bred Portuguese Water Dogs.
Q. Does my dog need to be registered with a kennel club to be in the database?
a. No.
Q. Do I need to live in certain countries to enter my dog?
a. No. We welcome dogs from every country!
Q. Do I need a logon ID and password to access the database?
a. No. Some basic functionality is available to anyone. However, many of the more advanced and useful features of the database are only available to participating users. To become a participating user, please send an email to
Q. Can I have a link to my dog on my website or social media page?
a. Yes. For more information on this, please visit Direct Linking.