PWDCA HLD Frequently Asked Questions
Please read through the Illustrated User Guide to the HLD, as it will answer many of your questions!
Q. What dogs can be entered into the database?
a. Only pure-bred Portuguese Water Dogs can be entered into the database.
Q. Can rescued Portuguese Water Dogs be entered?
a. Yes! We welcome rescued pure-bred Portuguese Water Dogs.
Q. Does my dog need to be registered with a kennel club to be in the database?
a. No.
Q. Do I need to live in certain countries to enter my dog?
a. No. We welcome dogs from every country!
Q. Do I need a logon ID and password to access the database?
a. Some basic functionality is available to anyone without logging in. However, many of the more advanced and useful features of the database are only available to Participating Users. To become a Participating User, complete the ‘Add/update your personal contact information’ form from the Submit Data tab, or send an email to: Previous users of the HLL are already Participating Users, and simply need to click on ‘Forgot password’ when they Login.
Q. Can I have a link to my dog on my website or social media page?
a. Yes. For more information on this, please visit Direct Linking.
Q. I have accessed the database before and I am a Participating User. This time I can’t access any of my dogs information. What’s happening?
a. Please be sure that you are logged on as a Participating User. If you can’t remember your password, there is a ‘Forgot password’ option on the Logon screen. Always use the email address associated with your Participating User account when you Logon. If you still are having trouble, send an email to:
Q. I am a new user and would like to have my PWDs in the database. I see one of my dogs in the database, though I am not listed as the owner. How can I add myself as the owner?
a. The simplest thing to do is to go to the Submit Data page for ‘Add a new dog to the database’. Fill out the form as completely as possible, and attach a registration document or other proof of ownership (photo, scan, or other soft copy of an official document are all fine). In the Comments, explain that this dog is already in the HLD, and it belongs to you. If you would like to be a Participating User, go to the Submit Data page, and ‘Add/Update your personal contact information’, fill it out as completely as possible, and tick the box asking to be a Participating User. Remember, by asking to be a Participating User, you are promising to keep your information updated on your dog(s).
Q. I have a new litter of pups. How do I enter them in the HLD?
a. In the ‘Submit Data’ tab, the HLD has a special tool to ‘Add a New Litter’. This is much simpler and quicker than adding each pup as a separate Dog submission. Basic litter information (sire, dam, whelp date) can be entered at any time after the pups are whelped. When the pups are registered, the breeder of the litter can update the litter with pup names and registration numbers, or the breeder can submit all information at one time when the pups are registered. (Breeders can always update one of their litters by going to the Litter page for that litter, and click on ‘Update this Litter’ bottom on the far right of the page.) In any case, remember that documentation will be required to enter pups and registration numbers; documentation can be a completed Litter Record (AKC) or individual registration documents (CKC, and many other countries).
Q. I would like to have photos of my dog on their page. How do I do this?
a. You can submit up to four photos for each dog. Go to the Dog Detail page for the dog, and click on the Photos tab, under their list of Certifications. You will see a button to 'Upload photos for this dog'. Remember that photos should be focused on the dog. Please read the Photo Policies at: